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  • Radek Rejsel - UX Designer
  • Karol Błędowski - UX/UI Designer
  • Marta Jakubowska - UX Designer
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Deliver In Person is reinventing the way eCommerce parcels are delivered. Delivering on time, every time, for same-day and next-day delivery. It's trying to reinvent the delivery experience to be truly customer-centric. Complete visibility and transparency, market-leading delivery success metrics and an experienced fleet of professionals who go the extra mile for customers and brands.


It's all about that extra mile

With the increasing demand for same-day delivery in eCommerce, last-mile delivery has become an essential logistics component. Today's customers expect fast and convenient delivery options, putting pressure on retailers to improve their last-mile delivery services. As a result, small and medium-sized businesses need flexible parcel delivery solutions. That is why an ecosystem of Deliver in Person services has been created - an individual customer application, a courier application and a web application for businesses to manage parcels.


I worked as a UX/UI designer. After the PoC phase and the user research report, I made the necessary changes to the application to address the issues that arose. Together with the product owner and the UX designer, I helped write the requirements and system documentation. I also developed the design system for the mobile and web application. I took part in Scrum ceremonies with the development team, where we discussed the designs for the upcoming sprint. I also worked on creating wireframes and prototypes to ensure that all business requirements and user needs could be tested beforehand.

Users of DIP ecosystem


They are looking for a flexible way to earn money that fits their lifestyle and working hours. This may be a temporary job for some, while others want to join the courier fleet full-time. Their primary needs are to help determine the best delivery routes, group orders and assist with delivery.

Individual Clients

They shop online or need to send a parcel without leaving home. They want the whole process to be convenient and fast. They expect it to be easy to define the type of parcel, track its delivery and make a quick cashless payment.


Small and medium-sized businesses looking for the best way to get their goods to their customers. They do not have a large fleet, so they rely on external delivery companies. They want to easily manage shipments leaving their warehouses or distribution centres.


Multiple users and the path to connect them

Our project aimed to meet the needs of three different groups in the parcel delivery process. At the start of the work, we defined the challenges we needed to address.


How to best support couriers in their tasks so they can earn as much as possible and deliver parcels quickly and without problems?


How to make it easier for individuals to send parcels and reassure them that they will arrive the same day?


How to organise parcel management for small and medium-sized businesses so that it is most cost-effective and the shipping and delivery process is easy and hassle-free?


Linking couriers with parcels

In the project's first phase, we tackled parcel collection and deliveries. This is the bread and butter of any system, so we knew we had to test it with real couriers. We wanted to see if the parcels would arrive at the specified address quickly and correctly and if the route-setting system would actually work.

During the tests, we looked at the legibility of the order sheet, the accuracy of the map and whether the shipment data was easy to access during the ride. We also tested the functionality of grouping parcels to the same address.

In the app, couriers can choose the most convenient way to receive notifications about new parcels.

Within the set range

For those who want to move around a designated area

En route to a specified address

For those who want to pick up orders as they travel along a designated route


Sending and collecting parcels has never been easier

Ever ‘missed’ a delivery when you’ve been home? Or found a precious parcel left carelessly out in the rain? How about paying for express delivery for an item that absolutely must reach you in time, only to have it arrive a week after your deadline?

We have made the parcel sending as clear and straightforward as possible. The app allows you to define one or more parcels, add multiple shipping addresses and save them for future orders. A delivery scheduling option will enable you to choose priority same-day delivery or schedule a pick-up date. The app allows you to easily track the courier on a map and check the status of your parcel. Finally, one-click payment after checking the final price with no hidden costs.


No more checking with a measuring tape

• You don't have to review all available parcel measurements

• Icons and descriptions help you choose the best option for your parcel

• Available options for packages require special attention

Schedule a pick-up time that is convenient for you

• Don't waste time sitting at home with your parcel until the courier arrives

• Choose between two options, Priority or Scheduled Pick-up, and select the courier arrival date that suits you

Check the status of your parcel at any time

• Track your package from pick-up to delivery

• Get in touch quickly with the courier assigned to your order


Don't let orders consume you, manage them

We have created a dashboard for business customers that aggregates parcels in one place. In our web app, you can create new orders from scratch, manage the statuses of packages, redirect them for dispatch and add team members with the appropriate permissions.

The DIP ecosystem is a complete tool for the entire last-mile delivery process. With the courier route planning function, parcels are picked up and delivered most efficiently. With real-time tracking, customers can easily follow their packages on a map. Business clients requiring a more detailed overview of their orders can use the web application to manage multiple parcels and dispatches in distribution centres.

Key Takeaways

Working on the project was an interesting experience as the target market was Australia, while we designed and tested it in Poland. Despite the thousands of kilometres separating us and the different time zones, the context of the project was not affected thanks to the constant contact with the stakeholders. It is also worth noting that the Polish courier and parcel market has been heavily digitised for many years, which made it easier for us to gather good know-how (just look at the popularity of inPost and its parcel machines).

The challenges we faced were largely technology related; constantly changing functionalities and new features, third party integrations, smooth operation of maps and locations, to name a few. Looking back, I can say that the project has been quite successful and I am proud that it is still evolving.

The project has also been recognised on the Polish ground - the app won 2nd place in the EXAW - Experience Awards in 2022.

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